Granite & Marble Countertops

        6370 US Highway 1 N. Bldg #11, St Augustine, FL 32095


GRANITE...The most durable architectural building stone. This igneous rock, comprised mainly of quartz, graphite, mica and other minerals. Second in hardness only to diamonds. Deep iridescent colors, granite offers that elusive, one-of-a-kind beauty created only in nature. 

MARBLE...A metamorphic stone formed when the earth's pressure creates enough heat to fuse thousands of years worth of calcified deposits into marble. Smooth texture stone that brings luxury to any application.  A traditional working surface for pastry chefs.

Add character and warmth to kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, foyers, table tops, and other areas of the home with a richness that cannot be duplicated in synthetic materials.   

A picture will never do justice for the exotic movement, richness of color, and beautiful characteristics of these stones!

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